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F  I  N  E    A  R  T

"With the help of colour, tone, half-tone, through invisible existence, I find the way into the visible world"



Aleksandras Vozbinas is a leading figure in contemporary intellectual Lithuanian painting, distinguished by his powerful imagination and thoughtful reflection on his own work. He is a classical type of “lone wolf” who keeps walking the “path of art” that he has mapped out for himself without looking round. Like many independent-minded artists, he is characterized by a complicated emotional relation to his environment, a wish to shock, to defy the views of bourgeois lifestyle and taste, and a tendency to lay bare the hidden aspects of human existence. He attaches the most importance to the metaphorical perception of reality marked with inner dramatism and various shades of tragedy. This extremely industrious artist brimming with volcanic energy has been successfully working in many fields for more than three decades. Distinguished by conceptual thinking, he is also engaged in curatorial activity, and has made a considerable contribution to organizing plein-air painting sessions “Soutine Days” and developing the international relations of Lithuanian painters.

Art Gallery

" Life for me is like the sequence of paradoxes that define man’s fate, which is wrapped robe of social environment.

Birth and death do not depend on the will of the individual. It is beyond the limits of human abilities and understanding."


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