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Aleksandras Vozbinas was born in Vilnius in 1958.

In 1988, he graduated from the State Institute of Arts of Lithuania with a degree in painting.

In 1990, he joined the Lithuanian Artists’ Union.

The artist has been an active participant in various exhibitions since 1988. He has held more than 40 solo exhibitions and has taken part in more than 300 group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

His works have been acquired by the Lithuanian Art Museum, Lithuanian Art Fund, Vilnius City Municipality, Martynas Mažvydas National Library, Sharjah Art Museum, as well as numerous private galleries in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, USA and other countries.


Life for me is like the sequence of paradoxes that define man’s fate, which is wrapped in the robe of social environment.
Birth and death do not depend on the will of the individual. It is beyond the limits of human abilities and understanding.
I have been interested in history since I was a little child. It was history that helped me to understand the background of that ceaseless performance where the same repetitive dramatic events take place. Only the characters change but different generations perform the same old play. Probably no one would be able to explain the essence of that play. The vulnerability of an individual might be embellished with the elements of irony or grotesque.



Aleksandras Vozbinas organised and curated a number of art projects in Lithuania and abroad:

Lithuania - Poland exhibition dedicated to the 450th anniversary o Lublin Union. LR Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Vilnius. 2019
Vilnius Painting. Warsaw Town Hall. Poland. 2015.
International Painting Symposiums “Soutine Days”. Lithuania. 1998–2014.
Lithuanian Landscape. Warsaw Town Hall. Poland. 2014.
Lithuanian Landscape. Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Sweden.Stockholm. 2013.
Modern Lithuanian Painting. Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Switzerland. Bern. 2008.
International Project “Lithuania and Its Eastern Neighbours: Dialogue in Painting”. Vilnius, Minsk, Kiev, Warsaw. 2007–2008.
Vilnius Culture Days in St. Petersburg. Mikhail Shemyakin Fund. St. Petersburg. Russia. 2006.
“Regina” Painting Symposiums. Druskininkai. 2003–2009.
Lithuanian Painting. Rome. Bari. Italy. 2001.
Lithuanian Painting. Warsaw Cultural Centre. Poland. 2000.
Modern Lithuanian Art. Kiev. Ukraine. 1999.

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