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We invite you to peruse the list of A.Vozbinas exhibitions below.
Get in touch for more information about current and future exhibitions or to arrange a private viewing.

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2021.'Stories about Vilnius and Lithuania'. Painting. Vilnius City Hall. Vilnius. Lithuania

2020. My Druskininkai. M.K. Ciurlionis memorial museum. Druskininkai.

2019. New Paintings. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania. Vilnius. Lithuania 

2019. Paintings. 'Egle' Health Centre. Birstonas. Lithuania 
2018. Aleksandras Vozbinas Jubilee Art Exhibition. Vilnius City Hall. Vilnius. Lithuania 

2018. Solo Art Exhibition. Limedika Gallery, Kaunas. Lithuania 

2018. Landscapes. 'Egle' Health Centre. Druskininkai. Lithuania 

2017. Solo Art Exhibition. Kalita Art Club Gallery. Kiev. Ukraine

2017. Open Studio. Cite International Des Arts. Paris. France

2017. Painting. Constantin Brancusi Exhibition Center. Chisinau. Moldova
2016. Painting. Gallery „Arka“. Vilnius. Lithuania
2015. „Autumn Cocktail“. Painting. Gallery 555. Vilnius. Lithuania
2014. Painting. Galleria Unexpected. Groningen. Netherlands
2014. „Between visible and invisible“. Painting. Gallery „Laiptai“. Šiauliai. Lithuania
2014. Painting. Warsaw City Hall. Warsaw. Poland

2013. "Mirroring age". Town Hall. Vilnius. Lithuania

2013. Painting. Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Vilnius. Lithuania

2013. Painting. Lithuanian Government Palace. Vilnius. Lithuania

2013. Painting. Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the EU. Brussels. Belgium

2012. Painting. Galerie Mare Liberum.  Hamburg. Germany

2011. "Erotic stories“. Savickas gallery. Vilnius. Lithuania

2010. Painting. Gallery Art Fuhrmann. Rostock. Germany

2009. Painting. Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Republic of Poland. Warsaw. Poland 
2009. "Cherchez la femme". Gallery Arka. Vilnius. Lithuania
2008. Painting. Russian Artist Associations Gallery. Sankt Petersburg. Russia
2008. "Retrospective”. Town Hall. Vilnius. Lithuania
2007. Painting.  Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania in the  Sankt Petersburg. Russia
2007. Painting. Gallery “Brodyachaya Sobaka”. Sankt Petersburg. Russia
2007. Painting. Polish Artist Associations Gallery ZPAP. Torun. Poland

2006. Painting. Polish Artist Associations Gallery ZPAP. Olsztyn. Poland

2006. Painting. Tartu University Gallery. Tartu. Estonia

2005. Painting, Šiauliai University Gallery. Šiauliai. Lithuania

2004. Painting, Vilnius Pedagogical University Gallery. Vilnius. Lithuania 

2004. "Centre of Europe", Gallery 'Rojaus kalnas'. Vilnius. Lithuania

2003. Painting. Gallery Python. Copenhagen. Denmark

2003. Painting. Gallery Znad Willi. Vilnius. Lithuania

2003. “From Pagan To Baroque”. UNESCO Lithuanian National Commission. Vilnius. Lithuania

2003. Painting. Embassy of Canada. Vilnius. Lithuania

2002. Painting and Drawings. Gallery Mažoji Galerija. Druskininkai. Lithuania

2002. Painting. Congress Palace. Vilnius. Lithuania

2001. Painting. Gallery Irena. Kiev, Ukraine

2001. 'On the way to Arcadia'. Gallery Arka. Vilnius. Lithuania
2000. Painting. Tapyba. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania. Vilnius. Lithuania
2000. Painting. Lithuanian National Philharmony. Vilnius. Lithuania


2020. Signs of the Apocalypse. Contemporary Art Center. Torun. Poland.

2020. Exhibition of Miniatures. RA Gallery. Vilnius. Lithuania 
2019. The Lithuanian-Polish Exhibition, dedicated to the 450th Lublin Union. Lublin Castle. Lublin. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania. Vilnius. Lithuania 
2019. Augustinas Savickas And His Students.  Lithuanian Artists' Union Gallery. Vilnius. Lithuania 
2019. Exhibition of the International Painting Plein-air "Here and There". Užutrakis Manor. Trakai. Lithuania 
2019. Self-Portrait Exhibition “Visible-Invisible. Traku Voke Manor. Traku Voke. Lithuania 
2018. Exhibition Dedicated to Vydūnas. Detmold Town Hall. Germany.
2018. Beyond the Frontiers. Land Museum. Poland.
2018. Meetings with Art. Lublin. Poland.
2018. 100 years of Lithuanian Independence. Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts. Vilnius. Lithuania 

2017. International Biennial of Painting. National Museum of Fine Arts. Chisinau. Moldova. Museum Prize
2017. Miniature Exhibition. Gallery RA. Vilnius. Lithuania
2016. Features of the Art Collections of the Lithuanian Artists' Union. Gallery 'Arka'. Vilnius. Lithuania
2016. International Symposium Exhibition. Galleria Unexpected. Groningen. Netherlands
2016. Paroda „Kodas be rūbo“. Galerija 555. Vilnius.
International Biennial of Painting. National Museum of Fine Arts. Chisinau. Moldova. Laureate Award.
2015. Painting Exhibition. Schwaan. Germany

2014. The exhibition "Lithuanian landscape''. Warsaw Town Hall. Poland.

2014. The exhibition "Dedicated to Donelaitis". Gallery of Lithuanian parliament. Vilnius.

2014. Lithuanian Artists' Association exhibition. Exhibition Hall. Minsk.

2014. Individualist anniversary exhibition. Vilnius Town Hall.

2013. 15 th Painting Triennial. CAC. Vilnius.

2013. Lithuanian landscape. Karlskrona Konsthall. Karlskrona. Sweden.

2013. "Anatomy of the XXI century". Gallery Arka. Vilnius.

2013. Painting. Pylimas Gallery. Vilnius

2012. International Art Fair. ART VILNIUS. Vilnius.

2012. "The Artist and the City." Gallery Arka. Vilnius.

2012. 'Art at Home'. Domus Gallery. Vilnius

2012. Lithuanian-Belarusian exhibition "Roots." Gallery Arka. Vilnius.

2011. Lithuanian painting exhibition. Venice Biennale. Italy.

2011. NORD ART. Büdelsdorf. Germany. 

2011. "Self-portrait“. Gallery Arka. Vilnius.

2010. 2 th Baltic Biennale. St. Petersburg. Russia.

2010. Lithuanian painting. Salzburg. Austria

2010. Anual exhibition of LDS artists."Vilnius painting". Gallery Arka. Vilnius.

2010. „Historical Painting“. Dedicated to Grunwald Battle 600 years anniversary. Gallery Arka. Vilnius

2009. International Art Fair. „POZNAJ zmiany". Warszaw. Poland.

2009. Island Arts Centre. Lisburn. Ireland. 2009.  International Art Fair. ART VILNIUS. Vilnius.

2009. 'Anxiety'. Gallery Arka. Vilnius

2009. Island Arts Centre. Lisburn. Ireland

2009. ARTVILNIUS ‘09. Lithuanian exhibition and congress hall. Vilnius.

2009. "Millennium of Lithuania“. Lithuanian Art Museum. Vilnius.

2009. "Love“. Savickas Art Gallery. Vilnius.

2008. Salon international d‘Arte SARRIA. Paris. France

2008. "Buona Pitura". Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant Angelo. Rome. Italy. 

2008. "Lithuania and Its Eastern Neighbours: Dialogue in the Fine Arts". Vilnius, Minsk, Kiev, Warsaw.

2008. 1st International Bienal of Baltic Countries. Saint Petersburg. Russia. Laureate Award.

2008. 'Angel'. Savickas Art Gallery. Vilnius 

2008. Exhibition of Individualists. Moscow. Russia

2007. 13th International Vilnius painting Triennial. Contemporary Art Center of Vilnius, Lithuania.

1998-2013. International painting pleinair "Soutine Days". Organiser and tutor.Vilnius.

2007.  Modern Lithuanian Painting. Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Switzerland. Bern.

2007. "Homo Pulcher". Gallery “Rakurs”. Minsk, Belarus

2007. "Town and People". Parliament Of The LR of Lithuania.

2006. Vilnius Culture Days in The Sankt Petersburg “Meetings“. M.Shemjakin Fund. Russia. 

2006. "Vilnius Painters Present". Gallery Arka, Vilnius.

2006. "Lithuanian Painting". Parliament Of The EU. Brussels. Belgium.

2006. International Pleinair "Pritemps Corse et Lumieres de Balagne". Corsica. France.

2006. International Symposium 'Soutine Days 2006'. Vilnius

2005. Painting exhibition "Cherchez la Femme". Gallery Arka. Vilnius.Tutor, participant.

2005. 1th Vilnius Art Quadrieniale.Contemporare Art Centre. Vilnius.

2005. "Gratulatio Vilnae". Gallery Arka, Vilnius.

2005. "Drawings".  Gallery Arka, Vilnius.

2004. "Vilnius in Warsaw". Gallery Dom Artysta Plastyka. Warsaw, Poland.

2004. "Biggest Gallery in New Municipality". Vilnius Municipality.Vilnius.

2004. "Holiday in Painting". Savickas Art Gallery. Vilnius.

2003. "The History of Lithuania in Painting". Lithuanian National Museum. Vilnius

2003. InternationalPleinair "Plenery Na Poludniowej". Siedlce. Poland.

2003. "Contemporary Baltic Countries Painting". Exhibition centre of Art & Design.Odense, Denmark.2

2003. Retrospective exhibition 'Soutine Days 1998-2003'. Vilnius Town Hall. Vilnius

2002. Lithuanian Visual Arts. Siauliai

2002. International M.K. Ciurlionis Pleinair. Druskininkai, Lithuania.

2002. Lithuania and Latvia project. Baltic Art. Savickas Art Gallery. Nida. Lithuania

2002. Palace of the Congress. Vilnius. 

2001. "Salon-2001". Central Artists House. Moscow, Russia. 

2001. Contemporary Lithuanian Painting."Arte & Maggio". Bari, Italy. Tutor, participant.

2001. “Palazzo Dele Esposizioni”. Rome. Italy.
2000. „New Lithuanian Music and Art”. Royal Academy of Music. London. UK
2000. Lithuanian Painters. City Halls. Dortmund. Germany
2000. Vilnius Painters. Vilnius City Halls. Vilnius.

2000. Lithuanian Artists Works Exhibition. Yanhuceng Art Museum Peking. China
1999. “Pronaltica 99”. Torun. Poland.
1999. “Individualistai”. Embassy of theResoublic of Lithuania to the UK of Great Britain. London.
1998. “Modern Lithuanian Art”. Kiev. Ukraine.
1997. II International Shagal Plenair”. Vitebsk. Belarus
1996. “Lithuanian art”. Sharjah Art Museum. UAE.
1995. “Lithuanian art 95”. Vilnius.
1992, 1994, 1996. Gallery 2112. Copenhagen. Denmark.
1990. “Apokalypse und Glaube”. Germany.
1989. “Baltishe Kunstleraus
der USSR”. Germany.

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