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Mythology in Vozbinas’s painting is related to the artist’s cultural and historical aspirations, and his personal
experience. Born, raised and currently based in Vilnius, the artist cannot do without mythology. After all, the
scenery of Vilnius is so mythological. Having taken a look at specific scenes, we can see that their characters
are not only mythological creatures (all sorts of Danaes, fauns, satyrs and nymphs, or at least men and women
who try to get into their skin), but also saints and angels. Therefore, the mythological genre in Vozbinas’s
painting is closely related to sacral scenes. On the other hand, can there be any line between the two? Especially
in Vozbinas’s painting. His painting is alive and vibrant, dynamic and vigorous, and it convinces you that
mythology and sacrality is real.

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