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Vozbinas's Paris in the Savickas Art Gallery

The exhibition of Aleksandras Vozbinas works was opened in Savickas art gallery on the 6th of January 2023.

A. Vozbinas was a resident of the Cite Internationale des Arts artist residency in Paris four times. The last time he visited it was a pre-quarantine autumn, when there were already fewer tourists in Paris, but still plenty of artists.

That October A. Vozbinas captured the autumnal embankments of the river Seine, city streets, and Haussmannian boulevards in his canvases.

As Aleksandras once said, the atmosphere of many large cities is created by people, but Paris is attractive by its architectural rhythm, a mixture of various styles - Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Mannerism. Living in an artist residence in the heart of the city on the Île Cité means you don't have to walk far with your easel...

Vozbinas, unlike many contemporary artists, preffered to paint 'from nature'. He chose his motifs by taking long walks and observing, looking for more interesting perspectives and details. Sometimes the same motif was repeated in several paintings, just like Claude Monet who had painted hundreds of images of Rouen Cathedral, at different times of the year and day. That's what painting is all about- conveying the vibration of lighting, mood, feeling, etc.

Aleksandras Vozbinas paintings are dominated by motifs of the river Seine embankment: pont Marie, pont de Sully, the restored Notre Dame Cathedral. The ironic painter had also captured the grotesque scenes of Parisian life.

Urban motifs or natural landscapes occupy an important place in Aleksandras Vozbinas work. They often gave the artist an impulse for more abstract compositions.

Paris that was painted of still life reflects not only the great city, but also the character of the master painter, his energetic creative touch.

There are many suspended charming moments of Paris in Vozbinas's canvases. The time had stopped for him, but his paintings, painterly reflections, creative legacy will delight us all for a long time.


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