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Aleksandras Vozbinas Solo Exhibition 'SEQUENCE OF PARADOXES. SPRING'

In the glorious city of Vilnius, 4th of March is special for several reasons. This is the day of St. Casimir, Patron Saint of Lithuania. St. Casimir's (Kaziukas) fair has been held since time immemorial. Moreover, the artist Aleksandras Vozbinas was also born on this day. Those who have been friends with the artist, know and remember that on this occasion, Aleksandras studio in the attic of the house located at the intersection of J. Basanavičius and Mindaugas streets, used to became another extension of the Kaziukas celebrations. It was an artistic agora or a creative forum, where the owners - Aleksandras and Diana would warmly welcome everyone.

Therefore, the opening of a personal, unfortunately already posthumous, exhibition of A. Vozbinas, who left us exactly two years ago, is the furtherance and remembrance of this tradition.

In his creative declaration-moto, the painter has said: "I perceive life as a series of paradoxes that determine the fate of a person, actually a biological being - wrapped in the clothes of society." Birth and death are not dependent on the will of the individual. It is beyond human will and cognition." The title of the exhibition "Paradox sequence" was precisely determined by these statements. Because this is not only life, but also A. Vozbinas's painting. We can imagine the creator as a machine gunner of colors and halftones, strokes and textures, motifs and images.

He simply shot with lines and planes, means of expression and iconographic elements. He did it quickly and attentively, sensitively and precisely, with sparkling colors, expressive strokes, hitting the top ten every time. One situation in the picture immediately gave birth to another, thus forming a sequence of life events and episodes. Aleksandras's painting is also unimaginable without ironic playfulness. It can be called simply a paradox. Even in the banal household cycle, the painter noticed something that turned the routine into a celebration.

A. Vozbinas's painting is spring. His strokes and colors are as intense as the bursting buds of plants in the warm season. The freshness of just shooting fireworks is especially evident in one of the creator's favorite motifs - a female figure. If we are talking about the Rubensian concept of a woman or the Balzacian idea of an age, we must accept the concept of a 'Vozbinian' woman in the same way. It is paradoxical. Aleksandras's woman is loving and loved, giving in to adventures, vocal and at the same time spiritual (isn't that a paradox?), interacting (in every sense) with every character in the world around her, most importantly - affirming life. Like all of A. Vozbinas work. / Dr. Vidas Poškus/

Exhibition curator: Vidas Poškus.

The exhibition is on display - 4th to 28th March, 2023


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