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EXHIBITION„Lilly in the Fingers"

The Videniškės Monastery Museum is hosting Aleksandras Vozbinas solo exhibition 'Lily in the Fingers', which is open to visitors until the end of October 2023. The curators of the exhibition - artist Aistė Gabrielė Černiūtė and art critic Dr. Vidas Poškus.

According to the curators, the legacy of the artist Aleksandras Vozbinas is very large. The artist painted a lot from nature, participated in workshops and symposiums in Lithuania and abroad. His figurative compositions of a historical nature and colour palette of blues, reds and greens are truly impressive.

The collection for this exhibition was chosen in search of Christian iconography, reflections of the Holy Scriptures, emphasizing the importance of religion in the historical events themselves. History was an important subject to Aleksandras and he knew it really well.

Vidas Poškus: "Both the Madonna and the Crucifixion are present in Vozbinas's paintings. Saints George and Casimir are especially popular, he also loved depicting Adam and Eve, as well as many angels - holding lilies, flapping their wings. Aleksandras uniqueness is that he painted these characters similar to his other models, graceful and lively, sensitive and sensual. All were portrayed somewhat ironically.


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