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Please join us at the Great Hall of the Trakai Island Castle on September 15th, 6:30 p.m, where the monumental historical painting "On the Eve of the Battle of Salaspils" will be donated to the Trakai History Museum. This event is dedicated to the memory of the famous artist Aleksandras Vozbinas, who left for eternity too soon.

The painter's friends and comrades - actor Vladas Bagdonas, director Raimundas Banionis, journalists Edita Mildažytė and Lilija Valatkienė, art critic Saulius Pilinkus, writer Stasys Kašauskas, chairperson of the Lithuanian Artists' Union Eglė Ganda - Bogdanienė and painter Raimondas Savickas will participate, speak and play music at the open event dedicated to the review of A. Vozbinas life and work.

Guitar, violin and saxophone melodies, extracts from movies and poetry will be dedicated to remembering painter Aleksandras Vozbinas, whose greatest passion was the knowledge of Lithuanian and World history, which is also reflected in the canvases of the famous artist.

We sincerely invite you to participate!


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