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In the September issue of this year's "Kultūros barai" magazine (No. 9), an article by art critic Vidas Poškus was published about Aleksandras Vozbinas solo art exhibition at the Videniškės Monastery Museum.

The article reads:

'Looking at the works of A. Vozbinas, displayed in the monument of baroque architecture, thoughts of the uninterrupted baroque tradition come flooding back. It is still alive in our minds and hearts. Especially since tradition, perhaps not only baroque, but also renaissance, was particularly important to Vozbinas. The artist was interested in history...

Vozbinas can safely be identified as a Baroque painter. Maybe neo or post-baroque labels would sound more "academic"? There are so many elements of this style and mindset that they intertwine into a single, indestructible spectacle.

The iconography of Vozbinas's painting features both the Madonna and the Crucified. George and Casimir are especially popular, he also loved depicting Adam and Eve. And don't forget the Vozbinic angels - holding lilies, flapping their wings. Aleksandras uniqueness is that he painted these characters similar to his other models, vivacious and lively, sensitive and sensual. All of them were portrayed somewhat anecdotally, ironically. Vozbinically, as if with a glass of fragrant wine...'


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