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It has already become a beautiful tradition that the Aleksandras Vozbinas name prize is awarded to a student of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, who explores historical themes in their work.

Aleksandras Vozbinas was very interested not only in the history of Lithuania but also in the history of European countries. He was well versed in historical facts. He knew well the historical vicissitudes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

This year, the Aleksandras Vozbinas prize and an art album were awarded to Uršula Jankūnaita, a bachelor of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Uršulė's paintings sensitively depict the patriotic motifs of our country, natural panoramas, and historical themes.

The laureate was congratulated by Ieva Skauronė - the rector of Vilnius Academy of Arts, and the prize was handed over by Aleksandras Vozbinas's wife Diana, wishing the young artist to continue her interest in Lithuanian history.


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